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Move-In Checklist

Please do the following prior to moving into Oak Park Apartments.

  • Make a $125.00 deposit and fill out an application at the Montevallo Water Company located at 613 Valley Street at least three(3) days before move-in. Have the water turned on at least two(2) days prior to move-in. The water company has to see the front page of your lease or we can fax one to them.
  • Establish an account with the Alabama Power Co. (1-800-245-2244).
    Note to U.M. students: If your parents have an existing account they may establish an account for you.
    There is a local office in Calera. Have the power turned on before you move in. They will not turn it on if it is a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Call Charter Com. to start your cable service. (1-888-get charter). This service must be paid by the tenant.
  • Call AT&T if phone service is needed 557-6500 or 1-800-753-3320 if calling from a cell phone.

NOTE: You may not receive an apartment key until the 1st month's rent is paid and the water and Alabama Power Company accounts are established.

Attention: When you move into your unit, do not use light bulbs higher than 60 watts in your bathroom cabinet lights.

Do not store any flammables in your hot water heater/AC closet, nor clutter it with too many items.

Do not use double sided tape or adhesive to attach things to your wallsÉ(when removed, these adhesives pull thesheet rock off the wall and damage the paint).

Only small nail holes are allowed.

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